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張氏詠春會’s grading system 2015

Many schools of martial arts such as Tai Kwan Do and Karate historically have grading system. These systems were introduced to present a visible hierarchy achieved by the practitioner to differentiate contestants within a competition and between family individuals. However, with economic pressure for clubs and martial schools to survive much of these grading system […]

October training work shop – 2015

On the 24th October, Saturday from 2 pm – 7 pm, there will be a martial arts training day and various subjects are to be covered as follow: Some Wing Chun techniques, some Hung Ga moves, Tai Chi, Chi Sau, application (e.g. light sparing) and lion dance routine and its physical training regime (with Sifu […]

Tai Chi 太極 and its influence to martial arts – 17th Jan 2015.

T’aiT’ai chi ch’uan or tàijíquán, often shortened to t’ai chi, taiji or tai chi T’ai chi Ch’uan or taijiquan 太极拳 (Manderin pronunciation) or Tai Gate Kuen (Cantonese pronunciation) 太極拳, both means the same thing. It is deep rooted in the Chinese cultral and history.  You can use Bing or Google search (i.e. copy and paste) the link […]

20th November 2014 recent updates

Hello all, The lion dance training was a success!  I hope most of my students will now appreciate how difficult it is to perform underneath the costume and uses all those stances (i.e. ‘wide horse stance’, ‘cat’s stance’, ‘arrow stances’, ‘kim Yeung Ma’ stance. All the movements requires the mid section or core (waist/hip) to work […]

Chinese lion dance – 1 November 2014

On the 1st November (Saturday) 2014, I have organised a Chinese lion dance training day for those who are interested.  Start from 1 pm – 6 pm, at Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB4 6BL (just off junction 33 of the A14 sign post towards Milton) The tuition fee is £45 per head […]

April 2014 – Cambridge Chinese Community Centre- Sunday activities

Time really flies! Thank you for those who attended the Chinese 'lion dance' training day (April- 2014) and here I posted some clips under 'article/video clips' button. Enjoy! Recently I was asked to help out for the local Cambridge Chinese Community Centre – 劍橋華人社區中心 and I was happy to help.  Personally, I felt I ought […]

Lion dance/Tai Chi/Wing Chun training day- 2014

For those who had attended the Lion dance training day on the 12th April 2014, here are some of the clips:           Students feed back:  After having a short taster session for Chinese Lion Dancing at a Wing Chun workshop last year I was lucky enough to be able to attend […]

Hong Kong trip (2013) experiences

Here are some video clips of the trip :           A little Chi Sau play with Sifu Ho Kay     The following is my pupil's feedback on this particular trip and a small extract of Sifu Alan Cheung given Neel a brief lesson on the wooden dummy – As I […]

Gallery & Video clips

                                                  The following 11 video clips are some of the activities that the students experienced on the training day (i.e.on 13/10/2013) and their feedback :                       Here are some of […]